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Saturday, April 4, 2009


Affiliate marketing entails promoting other people or company's product or services through your website or blog for a commission. This means that you need a lot of publicity to achieve this, by creating awareness of the existence of your website or blog to internet visitor or surfers. This awareness will in turn attract a lot of visitors to your site. The process of moving people to your site is known as traffic generation.
Traffic generation seems to be the most difficult aspect of affiliate marketing, because the more visitors you pull to your site , the more likelihood that you will generate more sales or more clicks and this is the only way of earning money in affiliate marketing.

How then do we do this? There are many techniques in traffic generation, but their application differs from one affiliate marketer to another. Some of the techniques are explained below. You can use a combination of all or use that which is convenient and better for your affiliate market.

1. Use of Forums

Forum is a kind of online community, where people of common interest come together to share ideas, discuss prevailing issues, share problems and proffer solutions. Sharing your opinion and contributing positively to issue at hand will makes forum members have confidence in you, what you need do is to direct them your website for more information, this you achieve by leaving a link to your website at any contribution you made.

2. Article Writing

You can also entice people to your website or blog by writing quality articles, so that each time they visit they will want to come back and making sure that you write fresh articles frequently and these articles should be related

to your website or blog. You can also submit articles to other websites and at the bottom always include the link to your website. Newspaper and magazines should not be left out; submit your articles to them for publication. This will also expose you and your web

3. Email Advertising

This technique need a lot of caution, for over use of this system might lead to spamming and this is an internet crime. So be careful with your use of this method, making your website known through the use of email, is by sending email to address known and unknown and those you come across from any source. It pays well if properly and diligently used.

4. Advertising Trough

Placing advert on targeted market magazine/newspaper helps a lot in creating awareness cum pull visitors to your website.

5. Use of Business Cards

This can be use in traffic generation by giving out business cards at seminars, church, fund raising ceremonies and any other function. You don't know who is who; the man you think is a church man might be a real internet marketer.

6. Advert through Pay-Per-Click

It pays a lot to subscribe to adverting in pay-pay-click websites; it helps to generate a lot of traffic to your website because these pay-pay-click sites have a lot of visitors. It helps in pushing more traffic to your website.

7. Use of Free Gift

Giving people free gift like free e-books e.t.c will pull a lot of people to your website, people like free gift a lot and they always take the bait.

8. Search Engines

Submitting your site to a lot of search engines increases the chance of getting more people to visit your website.

Applying all or most of these techniques will increase the chances of pulling more visitors to your website or blog.

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