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Friday, March 27, 2009

Gain the Know-How You Need to Do the Work-At-Home Job Search Successfully

Researching for legitimate work from home or what is most commonly known as "telecommuting positions", can be a difficult task and may open up some risk factors you are unaware of. To be successful at this you should know a few things up-front, as well as bona fide resources online that have more of a potential to start you off on the right foot, and in the right direction.

Telecommuting positions are projects such as freelance writing, "genuine" data entry assignments (not survey taking), full time or part time independent contractual work in many different fields, web design and/or content management

, customer service with inbound or outbound calling (most popular), sales and even employment with health insurance, dental coverage (NOT discount benefits), and even 401K, that the work can be performed from your home office.

This can also be described as a non-traditional type of work (NOT multi-level marketing, network marketing or direct sales = you pay to join a company to work), meaning you won’t be required to work at the companies location or office. You’ll be given the opportunity to work from your home instead.

Now that we’ve covered the basics of what this article is about we can now get into "how-to" search for authentic jobs online, all while avoiding scams, bait and switch offers, misleading MLM advertisements … etc.

Searching the Internet for legitimate work at home jobs (telecommuting position):

One of my most favorite authors and Information providers on the subject is Rat Race Rebellion. From this resource many people have learned how to do some pretty basic searches on Google for work at home jobs. They call it "Google Your Way to Telework Job Leads" on their website.

They offer very basic keyword phrases including the quotations that offer decent results on Google. What others have learned from this section of their site and also implementing their own creativity is you can find a variety of opportunities online once you know what to look for.

Using quotations in your search on Google will provide specific feedback on that keyword phrase alone. So for instance if you were searching for medical transcription work at home jobs you might consider searching with quotations.

For example:

"medical transcriptionist needed"
"seeking experienced medical transcribers"

These search results and providing the quotes before and after your keyword phrase will bring up all of those words in that order on each result, thus providing you with a much more narrowed result that may be more specific to what you are searching for.

Go give it a try on Google and see what I mean. Then come back and continue reading.

Now you aren’t only limited to Try the following websites for even better results that are pulled from all over the Internet and job related only.


How to Identify Those Red Flags:

The most popular misrepresentation of a classified ad I’ve seen showering down on the Internet is an ad from a health benefits (non-insurance) MLM company affiliates.

The ad reads that they are looking for a Regional Sales Director, a Health Benefits Specialist, and I’ve even seen "Professional Recruiters Needed" title to the advertisement.

The title "implies" legitimacy and professionalism when rightfully it’s a ploy to get you to read on.

The creator of the advertisement means to draw you in with stating they offer you health benefits, daily pay and bonuses, which sounds good, but what they don’t tell you when you sign up for the "telephone interview" is that you will have to pay to join this multi-level marketing business.

To some that is viewed as a bait and switch and often not appreciated once the applicant finds out they must pay to join this business.

Now I’m not saying whatsoever that the MLM industry isn’t worth getting into, but I am saying that you need to be aware of what you are applying for and what it is you truly are willing to do to earn money from home.

Most don’t appreciate ads that subtly imply they are an employer.

For the MLM or direct sales industry it is always strongly suggested to gain some sales experience or outside training before committing to any monthly expenses in this field.

More advice:

If the advertisement doesn’t offer direct contact information, such as an email address (, not or or preferably a website or contact number it may not be worth handing out your personal resume with your contact information.

If you choose to apply to such an ad that offers no or little contact information, just reply asking for additional information "before" you hand over your private details.

In addition you can often find reasonably level headed discussion on work at home leads by visiting the popular forum.

The bottom line is your research into a company should be the first on your mind. Although more and more companies and individuals are hiring people to work from home and the industry itself is becoming more recognized as a legitimate way of earning money, it’s always a good idea to keep your wits about you before you apply and accept a job offer from a stranger or unknown company.


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